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20% Savings on Average!

High quality custom business software development does not need to break the budget. We are not a "cheap" development company, but our pragmatic and efficient approach produces more features within the same time line. We track these metrics for our projects and have measured up to 1.8x more productive than our competition.

A cultural virtue of TechGrit Inc. is that we produce more for your money than you will get anywhere else. Our productive and client-focused work ethic has benefited our customers by saving them on average 20% of their project budget when using our fixed price model.

“Up to 1.8x more productive”

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Time & Materials

Client-Managed Risk, Price, and Deliverables

Techgrit Inc. time and materials work agreements are designed for first engagements with new clients, new client projects that need goals and deliverables defined, or clients that would like to play a more active role in the management and outcomes of the TechGrit project team.

Learn more about Time & Materials projects. Call us at +91 9901412425 or send an email to


  • Explore project requirements

  • Design features end-to-end

  • Adjust priorities on-the-fly

  • Manage the risk of deliverables

  • Oversee hours spent on features

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Shared Risk

TechGrit-Managed Risk, Fixed Price, and Deliverables

TechGrit Inc. "Shared Risk" pricing model is a fixed-price work agreement where TechGrit takes on the responsibility of managing and delivering the project features within the agreed upon time-line and budget. Even though the TechGrit takes on part of the risk, it's imperative that our teams communicate daily to affirm expectations and validate that we are on track to hit our goals. The "Shared Risk" model is designed to bring our teams closer together to ensure a successful project.

Learn more about our Shared Risk model. Call us at +91 9901412425 or send an email to


  • Focus on your business objectives

  • Manage the goals, not the tasks

  • Contribute to the strategies

  • Offload development risk

  • Offload resource management

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly status meetings

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