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Full Stack Developer - Angular & NodeJS

Job Location

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

2 December 2022 at 6:30:00 am

Core Services

● Software Discovery: brainstorming, defining features, requirements documentation
● Software Design: storyboarding, graphic design, prototyping, architecture specifications
● Software Development: Enterprise-grade custom web and mobile app development
● Quality Assurance: manual testing teams, automated regression testing
● Technical Support: app deployment, warranty support, emergency services

TechGrit runs lean, meaning we all participate in growing the business andare not afraid to reinvent ourselves. As a part of our team, you would be a well-knownindividual and a leader with a voice. As you learn how we operate, we will begin looking for your insight intohow we can do what we do, but better. If you are looking for an opportunity for personal growth and a chance to try new things, TechGrit could be a fit.

TechGrit is not centered in a single line of business. We are passionate about delivering techforward software, no matter the industry, and build everything from enterprise intranet applications to mobile apps available on the Apple Store. We engage with prospective clients where their needs fit our abilities, be it in healthcare, travel, retail, and more! Our typical project cycles last around 4-6 months. As a part of the TechGrit team, you will cultivate longterm relationships with our ongoing clients, while also welcoming new partnerships in new technical spaces.

Position: Full Stack Developer (Angular & NodeJS)

You're obsessed with APIs - especially across fintech and HCMs. You want a role that can use and build on your knowledge, creating proprietary systems that unlock financial services via the employer channel. You are capable of thinking systemically while taking on unique data morph and user behavior challenges. If this all sounds like you - we'd seriously love to talk with you.

Domain: Fintech, HR tech, HR Benefits

Technical Skill-set/Responsibilities

● Design and develop APIs (internal and external) to streamline inter-system access points
while maintaining top-grade security
● Plan and implement critical integrations with third-party API in HR and financial systems,
including the discovery of new uses for existing data and potential points of overlap
● Instrumental in building our engineering team and culture
● Be an active voice in day-to-day activities
● Analyze and document partner data models for pipeline integrations, serving as an
internal “student teacher” for new partners
● Collaborate and communicate proactively (including standups!) 
● Manage your coding projects from design to deployment to feedback, working
iteratively with complementary team members in Product, UX/UI and QA, and tracking
on team Kanban
● Create and maintain servers and databases
● Contribute actively to architectural improvements and changes
● Conduct unit, system, and security testing, identifying risks and mitigation strategies
with team members
● Engage and respond to end users’ and customers’ feedback
● Live and maintain code integrity and data security


● 3+ years of experience in API architecture, design and development, Node.js and its
frameworks such as Strapi.js (Strapi v4 a plus!), Express.js depending on your
technology stack
● 1+ years of experience in developing client-facing front-end applications using Angular
latest versions, HTML5, CSS3
● 1+ years of relational database experience such as Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, etc.
● Strong proficiency with JavaScript/Typescript and/or related frameworks

Additional Preferred Experience:

● AWS DevSecOps processes, OWASP Top 10, SOC2 Compliance
● Experience with core banking and fintech API (BaaS, card issuance, KYC/AML, payments, etc.)
● Relevant domain experience in HCM Data Models and Integrations with Payroll and HCM systems like ADP, UKG, Workday, Oracle Cloud HCM, SAP HCM SuccessFactors

Character Traits

● Humble, confident, self-aware •Passionateabout technology and enjoy a variety of challenging projects
● Excellent oral and written communication skills with a keen sense of customer service
● Ability to work effectively with a diverse population in a fast-paced environment.
● Ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently
● Strong verbal English language skills with accents that can be understood in Minnesota without straining or effort
● Prefers a fast-paced environment with rewards/celebrations for achievements


Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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