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Healthcare Solutions for Patient Data, Care, and Reporting

We partner with Payer, Provider and Digital Health organizations, helping modernize, optimize and transform clinical, operational and financial platforms to better enable the evolving demands of healthcare ecosystem. Our services and solutions enhance customer experience, improve clinical outcomes, drive business growth, reduce operational costs, and better support delivery of care.

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Electronic Health Records (EMR/EHR) Software Development

Custom EMR/EHR development for better communication, patient care, and workflow optimization.

Electronic connectivity across multiple care settings for interoperability.

Customizable EMR/EHR for various clinical workflows: mental health, addiction, and primary care.

Tablet app for providers improves productivity and documentation efficiency.

Features within the custom EMR/EHR Software Web and Tablet include but are not limited to the following:

Tablet Application for the providers

Facility Management

Full Integration with Lab System.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Role & Resource-based Authorization

Patient Portal

Personalized care for MH and addiction.

Audit Logs

In-built Form Editor

Health Information Exchange

Appointment Scheduling

Medication Administration

Extensive Reporting

Standard Scales & Screeners

Accessibility Centered Design

Provider Schedules Management.

E-prescribing (eRX)

Document Management


HIPAA Compliant

Data Migration Services

ISO 12207 Compliant

Clinical Decision Support

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